Richmond Hill has thousands of people going up and down each day, and even more now for Christmas shopping, and visiting the Christmas Market immediately below us in The Square – all of whom can view this tender Nativity Scene, nestled in an alcove of the Under-croft, beside our main Richmond Hill doors.

The light draws their attention, in these dark afternoons, and into the night, as some pause to pray, or just to look, and perhaps “Rediscover Jesus” – the title of a book by Matthew Kelly which our Bishop is giving as a gift to everyone who comes to a Christmas Mass in parishes throughout the Diocese.

At the other side of our outdoor Nativity scene is the entrance to our Catholic Institute where a hundred homeless rough-sleepers are fed every Tuesday and Thursday nights (and now additionally on Sundays, too).  Those who live on the street are encouraged and comforted, to be reminded by this scene, that Jesus Christ also had nowhere to lay His Head.  Please pray for our homeless rough-sleepers, and for all who pass by this scene of Christmas on the street.

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