Dear Friends,

We have come round again to the great feast of Christmas, in which we celebrate God’s saving entrance into human history in the Incarnation of his Son, Jesus.

“While all things were in quiet silence and night was in the midst of her swift course; thine Almighty Word leapt down from heaven out of thy Royal throne. Alleluia”

Something really tremendous took place that night, which disclosed the very nature of our God and his Relation to his creation. Jesus came in answer to prayer and in fulfilment of the divine plan for the world God loved so much.

Evelyn Underhill put this very nicely: “We have to remember that the answer to the prayer was not a new and wonderful world order but Bethlehem and the Cross; a life of complete surrender to God’s will; and we must expect this answer to be worked out in our own lives in terms of humility and sacrifice.”

At Christmas we celebrate the nearness of God to us.
I am not a God afar off,
I am thy Maker and thy Friend.
Let’s try to hang on to this truth this Christmas.

The Fathers and Brothers of the Oratory and Deacon Roger wish you all a very blessed and happy Christmas.

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