Offering a wide range of Catholic items at sensible prices

An Extensive Range of Religious goods, books, and Devotional Articles

Located at the rear of the ‘Catholic Institute’ Church Halls, our Catholic Church Shop offers Parishioners and Visitors alike the chance to browse and select items which are affordable and exclusively Catholic.

Greetings cards (both religious and secular), Bibles, Birth and Baptism Gifts, Crucifixes (both wallhanging and standing), Rosaries and Rosary rings, Religious-related jewellery and key rings, Prayer Cards and Books, Holy Water Fonts and Holy Water bottles, Pictures both large and small, Statues, and Gift-ware etc, are priced to suit all pockets.

Our Catholic Church Shop is open after the 10.30am Sunday Solemn Mass, until 12.30pm and during the week between 9am and 12 noon.      The entrance is via the Parish Office entrance at 13 Post Office Road.

Please ring 01202 411140 if you need help.




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