Virtual Tour of the Church of the Sacred Heart

Please enjoy this short introduction to our church
In October 1869 two Jesuit priests Fr James Brownbill and Fr James Eccles were sent from Farm Street, London, and opened a public wooden chapel in Astney Lodge, Richmond Hill, on the site of the house of Dr Fall which had partly burnt down. In 1870 a small wooden church opened on the present Sacred Heart site which was bought with the help of Lady Herbert of Lea and Mr O’Connell. Mrs Brymer presented a harmonium. Baptisms and weddings were recorded from 1872.

The High Altar

In summer 1873 the nave of the new permanent building designed by Henry Clutton opened under Fr Dignam; in that year Fr Meagher became parish priest. Aisles and the present tower were added and the church was solemnly opened on 5 February 1875, with a blessing by Dr James Dannell, Bishop of Southwark. The building was of yellow / white bricks with Bath stone dressings at the doors and windows. In 1875 the bell of 10 cwts 0 quarters 171 lbs was installed by the Whitechapel Bell Foundry; a bill of £141.0s.6d for its supply was received. It was fitted for change ringing but hung alone for over a century.

St Philip Neri Chapel


The Lady Chapel


St Joseph's Chapel


St Anthony's shrine


Our Lady of Fatima Shrine


A view from the Choir Loft