SPANGLES sweets were, long ago, advertised as “Double-wrapped – to keep the flavour in, and the dirt out”.  
Our new automatic sliding glass doors have similar effect:  double doors – to keep the warmth in, and the cold out.  They’ll be a real boon now that summer is over(!) and winter will soon approach.  They complete the various aspects of the Richmond Hill restored main entrance to our Church.  
First the disabled stone ramp and smart wrought iron black balustrade;  then the Oratory ‘corporate branding’ white-on-black exterior noticeboards with our distinctive logo, and the porch painting of St Jude with the votive candles which attract passers-by and draw them into the Church where it is rare not to find people praying before the Blessed Sacrament or at the various shrines – in Bishop Philip’s words: Bringing people to Jesus through His Church.
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