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Online Interactive Study Day

The Academy of the Annunciation is offering new online interactive Study Days and Evenings, as well as eight 90 minute “Tasters” throughout June.

Registration is open for the following June Study Days / Evenings and 90 minute “Tasters”.  The Study Days are Wednesdays and Saturdays, covering a separate topic on each day.  The Evenings are on Tuesdays and Thursdays (7pm to 9.15pm), covering one topic over both evenings (a total of four hours per topic with a 15 minute break on each evening).  The 90 minute “Tasters” are on Sunday afternoons and Monday evenings, each covering a different topic.

June Study Days / Evenings

  1. St Therese and the Little Way – Sure Path to Salvation
    Wednesday 10th June or
    Tuesday and Thursday evenings 9th and 11th June
  2. Why Devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus?
    Saturday 13th June only
  3. Grace and truth have come through Jesus Christ” (Jn 1:17) – Why Catholic Prayers are always “through Christ our Lord” when the bible invites us to pray “in Jesus’ name”
    Wednesday 17th June or
    Tuesday and Thursday evenings 16th and 18th June
  4. Passion and Emotion – The Catholic Perspective
    Saturday 20th June only
  5. Adam & Eve in the Garden – Why the First Sin was so catastrophic
    Wednesday 24th June or
    Tuesday and Thursday evenings 23rd and 25th June
  6. Why we call the Priest “Father” and Other Questions about the Priesthood
    Saturday 27th June only

90 Minute Tasters

  1. How can we be sure that God Exists?
    Sunday 7th June
  2. What’s so Special about Sunday?
    Monday 8th June
  3. “Who do you say that I AM?” – an Introduction to the Person of Jesus Christ
    Sunday 14th June
  4. Why bother with the Church?
    Monday 15th June
  5. Do good morals really lead to happiness?
    Sunday 21st June
  6. Getting to know the English Martyrs
    Monday 22nd June
  7. How to get more from the Sunday Readings
    Sunday 28th June
  8. Who needs friends in High Places? – The Saints
    Monday 29th June

For more information and to register for a June Study Day / Evening please CLICK HERE

For more information and to register for a 90 minute “Taster” please CLICK HERE

Each Study Day (9.30am to 4pm (or 2- evenings course (7pm to 9.15pm) costs only £25 and there is a 6 for 5 discount for the Study Days (you can sign up for 6 Study Days for the price of 5).  Each “Taster” costs only £10.

These Study Days and Evenings give us opportunities to deepen our understanding of the Catholic Faith, and are the perfect occasions to connect with other Catholics – perhaps over a glass of wine!  (Provide your own wine or beverage of your choice).

Dr Denise Clare Oliver and Dr Christina Pal lead the teaching team for this programme.

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