Temporary entrance to the Parish Office in Post Office Road

PARISH OFFICE RELOCATION to 13 Post Office Road, has the temporary postcode BH1 1BB – but you can continue to use the permanent postcode BH1 1BZ as our local Postman knows to pop everything though the new alternative letterbox while the Oratory House is undergoing its long overdue refurbishment.

The temporary Parish Office is accessed from the diagonal opposite corner of our site, just short of our car park gates, and immediately opposite ‘Mploy’ (next to Bristol & West House).

Sharon and Alba are squeezed in a space half the previous size, in a partitioned section of the former Small Hall (with a small Community Room, and storage, occupying the remaining sections).

The Office continues to be open Monday to Friday, 9am to 12 noon, and has the advantage of being next to our Catholic shop, so visiting the Shop is no longer restricted to Sunday mornings, but you can browse and buy from the extensive stock on any weekday morning.

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