Brother Francisco has begun his studies for the Priesthood on the new BA (Hons) in Theology, Philosophy, and the New Evangelization at the School of the Annunciation (validated by St Mary’s University, Twickenham), which enables him to continue living in our Oratory Community, while engaging in 15+ hours per week of study with on-line support of the academic tutors, and two residential weeks per annum at Buckfast Abbey.

The Fathers and Brothers of the Bournemouth Oratory are extremely grateful to a small group of Sacred Heart Parishioners for offering to cover the academic fees for each of the five years of this course. Additional studies (in Canon Law, Liturgy, Spirituality etc, plus human development, pastoral formation, and other requirements for Ordination) will need building in after the initial year. We pray for him, and for Vocations to the Oratory. See the Vocations page on this website (coming soon), especially for those who may be considering a vocation to the Oratory of St Philip.

Br Francisco writes:

“I am amazed and happy that my studies have now started, and am very impressed by the high standard and orthodoxy of the teaching here in the School of the Annunciation. The combination of study and prayer with the Monastic Community makes the learning process much easier and more fruitful, and the beautiful setting beside Buckfast Abbey is a great bonus too. It is wonderful to meet so many people from different walks of life who all share the thirst for Christ, and desire to learn more about our Catholic faith, and bring people to Jesus through His Church. Your prayers are asked for all those who are in any way involved in this important centre of Catholic teaching and learning. The School of the Annunciation is a special and very important place for me and numerous other people, and we pray that the crucially important work that is done here will continue for many years to come.”

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