Will you be “One in a Thousand”?
To realise Bishop Philip’s Vision, in inviting the Oratory to come to Portsmouth Diocese, to be “a powerhouse of prayer, a focus for formation in the Catholic Faith, and a hub for the community in the heart of Bournemouth”, the Oratory and its Parish must redevelop the extensive but dilapidated halls and subterranean areas into a welcome centre for these and related purposes.  We need to raise £3 million within 3 years.
The video link of the recent ’Stewardship Sunday’ appeal, and the attached mini preview of the forth-coming six page fund-raising brochure, explain that simple and manageable scheme for accomplishing this otherwise daunting prospect.
1. Will You be “One in a Thousand”?  by giving £1,000 this year – ideally before the 13th October Canonisation of Saint John Henry Newman, our Oratorian Cardinal, or at least before Bishop Philip’s visit to celebrate the Diocesan Mass of Thanksgiving of this wonderful event on Friday 25th October – when you are warmly invited to join us at 7pm.
We need just 200 people of vision and commitment who will each give £1,000 now, and £1,000 in each of the next 2 years, 2020 and 2021.
2. Could you be a “One in a Thousand” Champion?  by recruiting 4 others to follow your example by each giving £1,000 in each of the 3 years?
3. Or would you like to give One in a Thousand items needed for the Redeveloped Centre?
The list of items cost from £20 to a few hundred pounds (for those who really can’t find £1,000), so that everyone is included.
Donations can be made preferably as £1,000 per annum (or a single donation of £3,000), or by monthly standing order of £84 for 36 months, or £20 per week.  £1,000 a year is only £2.74 a day – the cost of a good cup of coffee.
The four Members of the Oratorian Community each give a personal tithe to the Parish general account since our 2017 arrival, and have already each donated £1,000 to the ORATE Fund – to lead by example, and not to ask anything of others which we aren’t already committed.
ORATE = Pray (as in Orate fratres, Pray brethren…)  
Oratory Redevelopment Appeal – Thousand Expansion = ORATE.


A mini preview of the forthcoming six page fund-raising brochure is included in this week’s Sunday bulletin and is available to view and download HERE.

You can watch Fr Peter’s Homily and Stewardship Sunday Appeal below.

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