The Oratory Church is open daily (normally 6.30am – 6.30pm)

Temporary Schedule

Sunday – 7.20 am – 12 noon for the 8am & 10.30am Masses, 5.30 – 6.30 pm for 6pm Benediction

Weekdays 10.50am – 3pm for Wednesday & Saturday Holy Hour, Confessions, and 12.15pm daily Mass

Mon. Wed. Fri. 6.30 – 8.15am for the 7.30am Mass

NB. The Bishops have suspended the Sunday Mass Obligation during the – pandemic and there are currently no Saturday or Sunday evening Masses. 

DAILY CONFESSION TIMES are, as usual: 20 minutes before every Mass, also Wednesday and Saturday 11am – 12 noon (during Eucharistic Adoration). Confessions sre currently in St Joseph’s Chapel (to the right of the high altar).


  • The Guidelines – to comply with the Government and the Bishop’s requirements are detailed at the end of this news item.
  • Before entering the church everyone must complete a ‘Trace & Track’ card with your name and a
    contact number (or email, or postcode etc).
  • Our maximum capacity is 57, with 2 metre safe-distancing, on first-come-first-served basis. (If
    we opted for only 1 metre distancing then everyone would have to wear a face covering, and
    many prefer not to, or refuse.)
  • Hand sanitizer must be used as you enter (and leave) the church, and sanitizer wet-wipes must
    be used, after making your Confession, to wipe any surfaces that you have touched.
  • The Sunday Mass obligation remains suspended for everyone.
  • The Bishops encourage coming to Mass on a weekday instead of Sunday.
  • Holy Communion is given (not during Mass, for safe-distancing, especially at the Communion
    rail where you must only occupy spaces which are not restricted by the yellow & black tape.
  • We are not permitted to provide toilet facilities.

social distancing

Social Distancing Measures in the Church


24 hours, 7 days a week, includes all Masses (as above),
also 6pm Sunday evening Benediction;
Wednesday & Saturday 11am – 12 noon Holy Hour,
and Monday – Friday 6pm Evening Oratory
Half-an-hour silent prayer with the Fathers and Brothers,
ending with the Oratory Exercises in Latin or English at 6.20pm.


See page 2 of the Monthly Newsletter, displayed on the noticeboard. Help yourself to a copy of the Newsletter, which is also available on our website. Mass Intention envelopes are available at the back of the Church, and can be returned via the Oratory House letterbox. Help yourself to an explanatory grey leaflet.


Are unable to meet at present because of safe-distancing and other Government requirements. We hope to begin everything again in September.


These are as usual: 20 minutes before every Mass,
also, Wednesday and Saturday 11am – 12 noon (during Eucharistic Adoration)..
Confessions are currently in St Joseph’s Chapel (to the right of the high altar).


Thank you to everyone supporting the Parish financially while there have been no public Masses or
collections. Your continued contributions are greatly appreciated to keep everything afloat.
It is hugely helpful if all our parishioners, who switched their donations from cash to standing order or bank transfer during the period of lock-down, will please continue with this. The tasks of sorting, counting, and banking the collections are onerous, and doing it at this time is challenging.

Even in ‘normal’ times, it is an onerous burden on a tiny team of parishioners. The simple switch from cash
giving to direct bank transfer saves all of this. If you are unable to donate by direct bank transfer but can
donate by cheque, then please switch to a monthly cheque, or if cash is really the only way you can donate, then please continue donating by cash. With much appreciation.
Our on-line bank details are: Sort Code: 30-93-04. Account No: 00 87 53 18.
Cheque should be made payable to Sacred Heart Catholic Church Bournemouth
Alternatively, please use the PLEASE GIVE NOW red button on the home page of our website.


Just 2 hours once per week (or once a fortnight) is all we need.
We have only been able to open our church and begin public worship because a small team of faithful
parishioners have given their time for this vital service. We need more volunteers in order to continue to
remain open. Many churches have been unable to open because they don’t have sufficient (or any!)
volunteers. Please give a little of your time so that others can come to Mass, and come to pray here.


Please sign-up (free) to our weekly Sunday Bulletin, and Monthly Newsletter by email, to keep informed.

Guidelines on Opening for Public Worship

Social distancing: Please keep at least 2m from members of other households. Everything is clearly marked.

Cleaning: Surfaces will be cleaned after every Mass by our volunteer Stewards. Please offer to volunteer to sanitize, or to be a weekly or fortnightly Steward. We are not permitted to provide toilet facilities, because of the requirements that would be needed to keeping them clean. NB: There are no public toilet facilities available.

Managing numbers

  • Numbers in church are limited because of social distancing. Our maximum capacity for socially-distanced individuals is 44, which may be exceed only where members of the same household (or social distancing bubble) are able to sit closer together.
  • We hope that a ‘first come, first served’ system allows those who arrive for a particular Mass to attend that Mass without advance booking.
  • The Government requires everyone attending public worship to fill in a simple ‘Track & Trace’ card with name and contact ‘to manage the risk of the virusre-emerging’. These can be completed at home, and need to be handed in on arrival. They will be kept secure and destroyed 21 days after the act of public worship.
  • Everyone must sanitize hands on arrival (and departure).
  • Please fill the seats at the front of the church first, and work backwards, to help the Stewards keep track of vacant seats, and ensure that everyone is safe.
  • If we had adopted the lesser 1m distancing this is only permitted if everyone wears a mask, and many have expressed a desire not to have to do so.
  • The obligation to attend Mass on Sunday remains suspended for all. The Bishops suggest, if you are able, please consider coming to Mass on a weekday instead of Sunday for the time being.
  • If you are in a ‘vulnerable’ category, or sick in any way, you are asked not to come to the church.
  • All Masses continue to be live-streamed daily from the Oratory Church; also daily Angelus at 7.30am, 12 noon, and 6pm; and Evening Oratory at 6pm Monday – Friday.

Mass and Holy Communion

  • Masses are to be kept short (by Government and episcopal regulation), in order to reduce the length of time for which people are gathered. Sunday Masses are slightly simplified, and there are no devotions after any Mass (eg. to the Sacred Heart, Our Lady, or to St Philip), and no Rosary. Church must be cleaned after every Mass.
  • Holy Communion is distributed immediately after each Mass. * Please ensure that social distancing is maintained, and follow the instructions of the Stewards. This also allows the Priest to cleanse his hands again before distributing Holy Communion.
  • Unfortunately, congregational singing is not permitted, to reduce the risk of the virus spreading through exhalation. The Sunday 10.30 Solemn Mass, and 6pm Benediction, are accompanied by the organ and a Cantor, or small Schola. Please allow them to make all of the sung responses.
  • A number of churches (including some Oratories) have opened for public Masses but are not yet distributing Holy Communion, as there is still no unanimity about the safest way to do this.


  • Confessions are being heard at the following times: Wednesdays and Saturdays 11am to 12 noon, and (as usual in the English Oratories) 20 minutes before each Mass, ie. 7.10am Monday, Wednesday & Friday; 11.55am Monday, Wednesday & Friday. 11.45 Tuesday & Thursdays (ends 12.05pm, because only the Mass Celebrant is available on these two days). NB. No Saturday or Sunday evening Confessions (or Mass).
  • Our Confessionals are being adapted so, until later this month, Confessions are being heard in S Joseph’s Chapel (to the front right of the church).
  • Please observe 2m distancing in the Confession queue. • Please use the hand sanitiser provided before entering the Confessional (or Chapel).
  • Disinfecting wipes are provided. We ask that, after your Confession, you wipe down any surfaces you touch.
  • A Steward is available to assist if necessary.

After Mass, and after your personal prayers, please do not talk in church, but go outside into the open air, and keep 2m distance while talking with parish friends. Please let us know of anyone who is sick at home or in hospital, and anyone for whom you’d like us to pray. All groups and events are still unable to take place on site, but our weekly evening Zoom Parish Social continues.

For an invitation, email: then just click on the link he’ll send you to join us all on your screen. You don’t need an App., nor to register or download anything. We look forward to resuming normal Oratory life soon. We are very grateful to all those who have made it possible to open our church so far. We need more volunteers to keep the church open now that public Masses have resumed. Please email us at:


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